Elizabeth Bugental

About: Elizabeth Bugental spent her 20s and 30s as a Catholic Nun in Los Angeles. She has taught on all levels and was, for over a decade, Chairperson of the Department of Theatre Arts at Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles. Her second career was as a psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area, in private practice and working jointly with her husband of thirty-six years, James Bugental, noted Psychologist and author. She holds a doctorate in Speech and Drama from Stanford University, a Masters Degree from Catholic University of America and is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Current Publications: AgeSong: Meditations for Our Later Years, Love Fills in the Blanks

Riki Inter & Roberta Cole

About the Authors: Riverside Drive on Manhattan’s West Side was the scene of Roberta and Riki’s first encounter. They were six and seven months old when their mothers, Sara and Ruth, wheeled their carriages and compared notes. There was much gossiping and gurgling. After a period of years, Roberta and Riki lost contact until after both Sara and Ruth were widowed. Robert and Riki reconnected in college and have been friends ever since and now are the ones comparing notes.

Although they live on opposite coasts (New York and San Francisco) they keep in close touch. Most visiting is done on the telephone and many conversations have covered moments in their mother’s lives, dealing with experiences from the ravages of Alzheimer’s disease and heart surgery to sharing a mother’s joy upon becoming a great grandparent or a mother’s recognition of a daughter’s smile. Sara passed away recently and Ruth still lives independently.

For Roberta, who teaches at N.Y.U., the book began with a sudden explosion of crimson blossoms on a brittle dried Christmas cactus plant sitting on her windowsill. The plant became a symbol of hope and surprise and helped Roberta to see the beauty that still filled her mother’s life. Riki, struck by Roberta’s spirit in the face of her mother’s long illness, suggested that she share her story. Many more joined the circle and Caregiving From The Heart: Tales Of Inspiration was born. All the stories are drawn from true experience; some are told in the caregiver or recipient’s voice, others have been transcribed from interviews. In some cases, names have been changed. Their book is for anyone who has ever felt blessed, burdened, triumphant or terrified, traveling this road where at any turn heartwarming can become heartbreaking.

Riki Intner is a marriage, family and child counselor in private practice in San Francisco and is the co-author of five other books.

Riki and Roberta’s gratitude goes to all the caregivers and recipients of care who shared their stories, to those who gave their time and guidance to this project, to our families and all those who helped us see that big returns can come in small moments.

Current Publication: Caregiving from the Heart: Tales of Inspiration

Tom Greening

About: Tom Greening studied at Yale University, the University of Vienna, and the University of Michigan. He has been a psychotherapist in private practice since 1958, and was Editor of the Journal of Humanistic Psychology for thirty years. His poems have been published in many places including The American Scholar, Los Angeles Times, and The Lyric, and translated into six languages. Collections of his poems include Tolstoy’s Lament and Words Against the Void, both available in Russian translation. He also published Nasreddin the Psychologist, a collection of stories about a famous Persian fool whom he turned into a modern psychotherapist.

Current Publication: Poems For and About Elders

Nader Shabahangi

About: Nader received his Doctorate from Stanford University, is a licensed psychotherapist, and is cofounder of AgeSong. His multicultural background has fueled his passion for becoming an advocate for marginalized groups and for creating programs with the purpose of caring more comprehensively for elders. As CEO of AgeSong, Nader ensures that the company’s vision drives its decisions and plans for elder care services. In 2003 he authored Faces of Aging, a book challenging stereotypical views of the aging process and of growing old.

Current Publications: Faces of Aging, Deeper into the Soul: Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer’s Towards Forgetfulness Care, Gems of Wisdom, Encounters of the Real Kind: Musings, poetry, stories about elders, forgetfulness and life, Book 1, Ambiguity of Suffering, Encounters of the Real Kind: Musings, poetry, stories about elders, forgetfulness and life, Book 2

Gloria Steinem

About: Gloria Steinem remains the United States’ most influential, eloquent and revered feminist more than three decades after founding Ms. magazine. A devoted activist and writer, Steinem continues, as she has for more than thirty-five years, to travel nationally and internationally and speak with a calm voice of reason and articulation about gender, racial, and other civil inequity issues.

Current Publication: Doing Sixty and Seventy

Bogna Szymkiewicz

About: Dr. Bogna Szymkiewicz is a psychologist and psychotherapist who has been teaching for over twenty years at the University of Warsaw. She holds a Diploma in Process Work from Zurich, works with clients in private practice, teaches process work and facilitates groups. She is especially interested in finding better ways to communicate with people in altered states of consciousness, from intense emotions to dementia and coma. Bogna is a regular visiting professor of Pacific Institute and in that capacity collaborates in research projects, public programs, seminars, courses and training supervision.

Current Publication: Deeper into the Soul: Beyond Dementia and Alzheimer’s Towards Forgetfulness Care

Ed Voris

About: Ed Voris is a native of Dallas, Texas, where he graduated from Southern Methodist University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He also received a Bachelor of Divinity from Conservative Baptist Theological Seminary in Denver, Colorado.

Following graduation he entered the construction industry with a principal interest in affordable housing; working in Texas, Washington and Hawaii. In 1986 Voris moved to Berkeley, California, for ongoing study at the Graduate Theological Union, where he joined the staff of the Center for Ethics and Social Policy. There Ed served as Organizing Editor of A Cry for Justice, a study of the Economic Justice statements of the major religious bodies, published by Paulist Press.

Since then Ed has been a consultant to community development nonprofits, specializing in housing and finance. He was recently diagnosed with dementia.

Current Publication: Conversations with Ed Waiting for Forgetfulness: 
Why are We So Afraid of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Richard Wiseman

About: Richard Wiseman received his doctorate in literature from the University of California, Berkeley, with post-doctoral study and research at the Sorbonne, Paris, the Thomas Mann Archives and the C.G. Jung Institute in Zürich.

He later received an M.A. in Psychology at the Professional School of Psychology in San Francisco.

He taught at several schools including U.C. Berkeley and San Francisco State University where he was Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures as well as Department Chair of World and Comparative Literature.

He has also offered extensive private seminars and workshops and has worked with Visiting Nurses and Hospice and Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute as a volunteer. He is a long time resident of the San Francisco Bay Area.

 Current Publication: The Therapies of Literature

Julia Wolfson

About: Dr. Julia Wolfson,  is a human ecologist.

Julia received her doctorate in human ecology from the Australian National University. She lives in Australia and works internationally in human service agencies, companies and grass roots initiatives. She facilitates people, teams and leaders to follow their intrinsic direction in alignment with the larger vision, and using the innate powers and inspirations of people of all abilities eldering a more related, responsive world. She is founder and principal of Turning Forward, a network organisation with active partners in many fields – leadership, business, creative arts, ecology, education, psychology and elder care. Julia is a lifelong student with the Deep Democracy Institute, a global leadership institute and think tank in worldwork leadership, deep democracy large group facilitation and process-oriented coaching.

Current Publications: Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services,