Elders Academy Press has updated!

Elders Academy Press has changed updated our name to Eldership Academy Press and our latest publication by Dr Julia Wolfson, Applying Deep Democracy in Human Services is our first book under the new imprint. We are very excited to be working with Dr Wolfson on this book that seeks to answer the question: How best to respond to people who require assistance and care in a strengths-based, individualized and respectful way?

All of our currently in-stock Elders Academy Press publications are still available!

Eldership Academy Press will continue to provide quality publications dedicated to eldership, life-long learning, changing the perceptions of aging and elders advocacy.

Eldership Academy Press encourages us to approach the process of aging with consciousness and to direct our thinking toward the possibilities ahead. Our publications are written by those who appreciate the importance of continued learning, life wisdom, and meaningful relationships. Eldership Academy Press strives to provide our culture with guides to living meaningful, compassionate lives.

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